How to cheat a slot machine

Is it possible to cheat a slot machine

Slot machines of any casino (be it a gambling house or an online casino) are terminals with a pre-installed game “one-armed bandit”. At the same time, the player is given the opportunity to play for real money with the cashing of winnings. It is this fact that has built a huge army of fans around slot machines.

A smaller part of them play slot machines for fun, and the rest of the players are trying to beat this ill-fated machine stuffed with Jackpot money. Due to the latter circumstance, historically there have been two completely different directions of winning from the “one-armed bandit”. The first method, although not the easiest, is welcomed by all casinos. This is a fair game according to any strategy chosen by the player.

The second method is illegal and involves hacking the game system. And if everything is more or less clear with the first method, then the hacking option for many gamblers is shrouded in a curtain of mystery. In this regard, the Joker Monarch portal has prepared an article for you, in which the myth of the possibility of hacking slot machines is dispelled, as well as a review of winning strategies in slot machines is conducted.

Is it really possible to hack modern slot machines?

So, let’s start with hacking slot machines. This method involves bypassing the protection of the gaming terminal, as well as reconfiguring the software under its own conditions. Thus, after carrying out such a procedure, the slot machine will play according to your rules.

At the same time, software hacking (so-called hacking) is carried out by flashing the slot machine software with the parameters of the winnings in your favor.

Moreover, this procedure is applicable only for slot machines installed in gambling houses. Hacking an online casino is carried out by a completely different method. To do this, special applications are used, including malicious programs that can disrupt the correct operation of the licensed application. At the same time, despite the fact that online casino games are developed by professional gaming companies with the installation of a high level of protection, there is still an option to hack such a system. After all, as hackers say, you can hack anything, it’s just a matter of experience and time.

And now the most important thing for those who decided to resort to this method of earning by pumping the coffers of the slot machine into their wallet. This method is absolutely illegal, and threatens with serious penalties. Besides, it’s not difficult to figure out a burglar. There are several weighty arguments for this:

The software for slot machines is developed by professionals in the field of information security.

Therefore, you need to be a skilled hacker to be able to crack such software. And you are hardly one of the experienced hackers, since hackers of this level are hardly interested in hacking a gaming terminal;
in order to flash the software of the gaming machine in the gambling house, you must first open the cover of the gaming terminal. And how to do it if there are surveillance cameras and security guards around?!
and if you are not an experienced hacker, then your actions will most likely be tracked.

Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties of hacking slot machines, you can find a lot of offers on this adventure on the Internet. The authors of their proposals recommend that you purchase various software, techniques and life hacks at an attractive price. But, most likely, the sellers of miracle funds themselves will win in this transaction, since there are a lot of people who want to use “black” earning schemes.

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Since our article is devoted to hacking slot machines, we will reveal the topic to the end. And therefore we will conduct a full excursion on how hacking of the “one-armed bandit” takes place in practice.

In the history of each casino, there have been more than a few attempts to rob slot machines using inventive methods of fraud. Moreover, avid fans of easy money had sophisticated ideas of hacking gaming terminals every time.

Initially, the slot machines tried to hack primitive methods, using a crowbar to open the panel. More careful scammers used rulers and screwdrivers. Well, inventive scammers attached a powerful magnet to the machine.

Also, in the field of gambling, there are always rumors that it is possible to calculate a random number generator used in any gaming terminal. After that, it is enough to pull the handle of the slot machine once and pick up the Jackpot. Moreover, in practice, such rumors were confirmed by individual successes of the players. Otherwise, a miscalculation is unlikely.

Nevertheless, scammers who tried to rob a gaming terminal by hacking were always caught and handed over to the police, since the fact of such actions is regarded as damage to property. In the case of an online casino, when the licensed software is hacked, two articles are involved here at once. 1- Intentional destruction of someone else’s property with the infliction of material damage.

And also, 2-copyright infringement. Despite the serious penalties, the number of desperate scammers is not decreasing, and therefore gambling houses, as well as developers of gaming applications, are implementing more effective algorithms to protect against hacking.

The principle of operation of an online casino

A classic gaming machine, such as a 777 or Fruit, is a terminal with a gaming display and control buttons. The virtual version of the slot machine completely repeats all the functionality of the device from the gambling house, with the exception that access to the game is via the Internet.

777 online casino, in turn, the principle of playing “one-armed bandit” is known to almost all players. It is necessary to place a mma betting canada and pull the lever of the machine. This action will set in motion the game reels on which the symbols are marked. At the same time, the outcome of the game depends on which combination of symbols will appear at the moment the reels stop. In general, the principle of the game is simple except for the probability of winning from the gaming machine.

Nevertheless, despite the stereotype that slot machines are more tuned to win casinos, believe me, this opinion is an absolute myth, since the probability of a player winning is on average 60%. It is important to take into account the nuance that the higher the bet, the proportion of the player’s victory narrows. For example, with a bet of 10 coins, you will win more often than with a bet of 400 coins.

In addition, there are other nuances of winning in slot machines, such as the number of lines and personal settings of the slot machine. In addition, many players prefer to stop the roulette on their own. But such tactics violate the programmed proportion, and the ratio of winnings to losses decreases in favor of the casino.

Effective methods of winning in slot machines without cheating

In theory, it is impossible to increase the probability of winning, since the player is not able to change the settings of the gaming terminal. Nevertheless, using basic strategies, you can increase your deposit without cheating by outweighing the total winnings to the lost coins. There are several popular techniques used by experienced gamblers:

  • the martingale method;
  • Fibonacci strategy;
  • tactics 5 to 1.

The Martingale method consists in doubling the bet size after each loss. Thus, with a winning scenario, all negative bets will be blocked, plus – a profit will be made. However, the strategy is ideal only in theory, in practice all casinos limit the size of bets.

The Fibonacci strategy is practically an analogue

Martingale strategies, with the exception that the bet size increases according to the Fibonacci sequence. And in case of a win, the player rolls back the bet for 2 periods. This tactic is much safer than Martingale, however, its capabilities are also limited by the limits of the casino.

The 5-to-1 tactic is based on the static probability of a large combination falling out. Thus, the player makes 5 turns of the drum at the minimum bet, and makes the sixth bet the maximum. It is worth noting that the 5 to 1 bet is relative, and therefore the ratio can be selected individually for each slot machine.


In this article we learned that hacking a slot machine, as well as infecting an online casino with a virus, is an illegal act and is strictly punished. Nevertheless, it is possible that it is still possible to influence the slot machine algorithms.

And also, there are proven methods of winning in the “one-armed bandit”, which are used by experienced players. In order to try out one of the proposed methods for free, we recommend running a slot machine on the Joker Monarch website in demo mode.